Operation Heal America


Our nation is in trouble. However, contrary to what many Christians believe, God is not holding Satan, demons, unbelievers, past and present administrations, Congress, Republicans, Democrats, moderates, progressives, liberals, conservatives, the alt-left, the alt-right, the “deep state,” “fake news,” special interest groups, lobbyists, underground operatives, social media, or even Hollywood responsible. He is holding his people responsible. Darkness is just doing what it knows to do. Have we forgotten that we, fellow believers, are the light of the world?

            Instead of being “light” in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation that dispels the darkness around us, many of us have forgotten who we are, why we’re here, whose kingdom we’re supposed to be building, and whose word has the final word. Instead of ruling our worlds under God’s hand to advance his kingdom and bring him glory in the earth, many Christians are allowing their worlds to rule them while they advance their kingdoms and bring Satan glory in the earth.

            Our problem is not numbers. More and more Christians are attending more and more megachurches than ever. While certain denominations are seeing a drastic drop-off in attendance, non-denominational church growth is at an all-time high. God has Christians on Wall Street, “Main Street,” and most likely on your street. Thus, it begs the question. With Christians in all the right places in every institution in America from our house to the White House, why aren’t we transforming our culture? Worse yet, why is the culture transforming us?  

            While I, like many of you, love the church of Jesus Christ in America (hereafter referred to as “the Church”), I do not like what we’ve become. Not only is the nation divided, but the Church is divided. Instead of being part of the solution, we are now part of the problem. Tolerance at all cost, prosperity theology, “cheap grace” that leaves his people trapped in their sins, unholy living, watered-down gospel messages that don’t require repentance, rejection of God’s divine order for the family and church, mission statements that do not reflect the primary mission of the Church, and mission statements that do, but are not being executed; alarming statistics that reveal that ninety-five percent (95%) of all Christians have never won a soul to Christ; and the widespread acceptance of gay marriage and homosexual ordinations are just a few of the “sins” plaguing the Church today that are not only breaking the moral and spiritual back of our great nation but, more importantly, the heart of God. 

            Many of our churches have become more politically-correct than biblically correct. Instead of the Church operating like a hospital that helps people “get well” spiritually by making disciples who will “go” and make more disciples in fulfillment of the Great Commission; most churches in America today are operating like hospice centers that give people what they want to keep them comfortable while they “die.” 

            The problems facing our nation today are not first social, moral, political, geopolitical, economic, racial, or cultural problems. They are spiritual. Spiritual battles, however, can only be fought and won by spiritual people using spiritual weapons. That would be us! At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. While much of the Church is waiting to see what God is going to do amid the cultural chaos that surrounds us, God is waiting to see what we’re going to do before he will bring desperately needed healing and revival to our land. His requirements to make this our present-day reality have not changed in all these years.

            God declared, “If my people will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear their prayers, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” In the Old Testament, God’s covenant people were the Jews. In the New Testament, God’s covenant people are the body of true believers, called the Church, who have accepted Jesus Christ as their sin-bearer, Savior, and Redeemer.

            While this certainly isn’t the first time someone has urged every Christian in America from our house to the White House to fulfill the terms of II Chronicles 7:14 so God would hear our prayers, forgive our sin, and heal our land to be glorified on the earth as it is in heaven; it is the first time that God has provided a detailed national plan that every Bible-believing church and believer in America could easily follow to achieve it! This is what you hold in your hands.

            When the Holy Spirit first told me he wanted to take my thirty-six (36) years of operational experience as a Naval Academy graduate, Navy pilot, and FBI Agent; and thirty-two (32) years as a follower of Jesus Christ and worship leader to write an Operation Order (OPORD) for the Church, centered on II Chronicles 7:14, which, if followed, would result in the healing of this nation; I told him he must have made a terrible mistake. I said, “This needs to be done by an ‘insider.’ And, oh, by the way, I never went to Bible college.” There was silence from heaven. What followed was the most fabulous set of orders I have ever received. I now give them to you since these same orders include all of us! I’m convinced that God allowed me to become a Special Agent with the FBI so I would know how to be his Special Agent in the earth with you for such a time as this!

            I asked God to allow me to conduct an investigation that would lead to the truth about the spiritual crisis we are facing in our nation and, more importantly, the solution. Investigations often reveal the good, bad, and ugly about those they are targeting. This one is no different, except this time, we, the Church, are the target. The hard-hitting truths I expose about what we’ve become, and more importantly our willingness to deal with them in accordance with God’s word, however, hold the key to receiving the healing that God has for our lives and every institution in America we comprise from our house to the White House!

            In the first seven (7) chapters of this book, we will go on a journey where few “believers” dare to go, that is, many fathoms below the surface of mainstream Christianity in America to learn why God, despite all of our praying, fasting, church attendance, small groups, Bible-studies, conferences, workshops, chest-beating, and hand-wringing; has not only not healed America spiritually, but has allowed the culture to get progressively worse.

            Then, in Chapter 8, I will unveil the highly anticipated, long overdue but right on time, five-part OPORD that, if followed, will cause God to unleash spiritual healing and revival to every institution in America from our house to the White House.

            If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about God after all these years, it’s this.  When he’s “got your number,” you’d better take the call! While the results of my investigation are not “pretty” and the road to spiritual healing in America will come with fierce opposition; we now have everything we need in one place to usher in the greatest healing and revival America and the world have ever seen for God’s glory! 

            Though I am humbled beyond words that God would use a sinful person like me who is “guilty” of virtually everything I uncover to write an OPORD for the healing and revival of our nation, I do not hold the key to its success. You, my beloved brothers and sisters, me, and Bible-believing pastors all across America underneath the leadership and authority of Jesus Christ and his word hold the key.

            While all will benefit tremendously from this book, it was primarily written for Christians and church leaders who have been involved in, and around, the “local church” for many years. We are the ones I believe God will hold most accountable and who will be without excuse.

            It is my earnest prayer that God would give you ears to hear and a heart to receive what I am about to share with you, and that each of us would, more importantly, have the courage to act upon it. May it never be said of this generation that we had the opportunity to see God unleash spiritual healing and revival throughout our land to advance his kingdom and glory, but didn’t have the heart to make it happen!

            With everything you and I now need to make this dream a reality, only one question remains. Will you answer God’s call with me since he now has both of our numbers?!

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  1. Patty Murray on June 24, 2021 at 9:12 am

    Amen! Yes I will do what God calls me to do as my part in an end time revival beginning by asking God to have the Holy Spirit search all that is my heart and reveal areas needing repenting, change of attitude, or anything that will hinder me from being effective in the work God has for me.

    Who He calls, He equips! I am willing to be a part.

    • James H. Spence IV on June 26, 2021 at 2:50 pm

      Hi Patty! –

      Wonderful, I pray you will consider getting a copy of Operation Heal America so we can make HIS-story TOGETHER! All the relevant details may be found in Chapter 8 of the book which may be purchased at Amazon, or at the following link: operationhealamerica.com/book/ Blessings, James