James H. Spence IV

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Operation Heal America

Aug 28 2020

Chapter 4: What Took You So Long?

Some say it was the worst intelligence disaster in US ...
Operation Heal America

Aug 20 2020

Chapter 3: Whose Covenant Is It Anyway?

“A marriage covenant is a very serious thing and it ...
Operation Heal America

Aug 14 2020

Chapter 2: The Great Role Reversal

Its origin extends back to where human life began—the Garden ...
Operation Heal America

Jul 31 2020

Chapter 1: Let Them Rule!

It was Saturday night. Unless I’m doing this, it is ...
Operation Heal America

Jul 23 2020


As we journey one day closer to the October 2020 ...
Operation Heal America

Jul 4 2020


Our nation is in trouble. However, contrary to what many ...