Chapter 1: Let Them Rule!


Operation Heal America

Chapter 1: Let Them Rule!

It was Saturday night. Unless I’m doing this, it is highly unlikely you will ever find me at a mall, much less a mall on Saturday night! Little did I know, however, that this was about to be one of the best nights of my life! My good friends, Paul and Jenna, were shadowing me on “Soul Patrol” for their first time. Paul works in the business information field, and Jenna is a schoolteacher. Married and in their late-twenties, Paul and Jenna are a precious Christian couple who love Jesus Christ with all their hearts and who desire to use their gifts, talents, and abilities to fulfill the Great Commission.

“Soul Patrol” received its name from my former pastor in Jacksonville, Florida, who loved sharing the Gospel with unbelievers more than life itself. For me, Soul Patrol is not only one of the most important use of my time on this side of heaven, but it’s the most fun I can have on this side of heaven! It is a walk by faith where the Holy Spirit directs me and others to “patrol” areas for “lost souls” that we can share the Gospel message with in fulfillment of the Great Commission. While some go to Africa, China, and the Middle East, I go to local malls, casinos, restaurants, and festivals. While I know God wants us to do both, He told me a long time ago that I have no business going around the world to proclaim the Good News at great expense to myself and others until I’ve been faithful to do it with those in my back yard at no expense.

While I knew the Holy Spirit had something special in store for us tonight, I could have never imagined this in a million years! After Paul, Jenna, and I met up inside the mall entrance, I explained to them the friendly approach I like to take to Soul Patrol. After I did this, we took some time to pray and then put the entire evening into the hands of God.

As we began walking, I told Paul and Jenna that while God always did amazing things on Soul Patrol, there was a place in this particular mall where many young people liked to congregate and, more importantly, respond to the Gospel. I refer to it as holy ground.

Only God could have “pulled this off”!

Operation Heal America (Coming October 2020)

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