Reviews for Operation Heal America

Wow – What a timely and insightful book! It opens your culture-weary eyes and floods them with the light of Truth. James expertly answers some of life’s biggest questions: Why are we here? What are we supposed to do? What lies of the enemy are we believing/being controlled by? How can we fulfill the conditions necessary to bring spiritual healing & revival to our nation? He covers it all with some humor sprinkled in, Thank God! It’s easy to see why the Lord chose him to give us our Operation Orders (Navy, FBI man), but from my perspective Operation Heal America is a piece of heartwork! Thank you!!

Dianne O

I’m so grateful for this book. I couldn’t stop reading it and I have reread it many times, often out loud to my family. I pray that this book will get in the hands of everyone in America. We struggle and suffer but not without hope. Thank you for your wisdom and passion to share the gospel.

Ashley D.

Simply WOW!! Great read with timely truths. You can’t help move from page to page without realizing that James was given a great responsibility in putting this book out. You can’t help but know that he was definitely given a great responsibility which, he accepted. I would recommend this to anyone who is questioning why our homes, our communities, this great nation is in the trouble it is today. Thank you James for answering the call to write this book.

Terry Smith

I am so much thankful to God for His Purpose through His Servant Who is the Author of this book…to Reveal The True Purpose of God for All Mankind and through His Anointed Chosen Ones… I feel great Too when I think of God’s kingdom comes down upon His children… What A Blessed Words in the book…!

Eve Georgina

I highly recommend Operation Heal America as a must-read for our troubled times. The importance of one-on-one personal sharing of our faith is almost a thing of the past for the modern Church. I am glad James has reminded us of how important it is that we witness to others. May God bless this book to encourage many Christians who are remaining silent in America’s cancel culture and continuing moral decline.

Dr.Donald McCary

James Spence has a mandate from Almighty God to restore the idolatrous Church in America to a thriving Church deeply concerned with preaching the resurrected Christ to the ends of the Earth–from every street corner and subway station to every branch of Government in the White House. The Lord has laid it upon his heart to give instruction during these wayward times of apostasy and to light the lamps of revival through the power of Almighty God’s Holy Spirit and a deep abiding love for every jot and tittle in the Torah and every Greek letter that comprises III Kings (a.k.a. “The New Testament”). Revival only comes when the Church reveres the Scriptures and when we regard the precious blood of Christ as tantamount to our salvation and redemption. We are all chief among sinners and Christ came that we would know life and know it abundantly as adopted children into his beloved eternal family. I am proud to consider James Spence a friend of mine and look forward to buying him several cups of coffee in New Jerusalem.

“To God alone be the glory!”

LTjg Benjamin J. “Shinzaemon” Ladd

Operation Heal America was a refreshing and inspiring read! From Chapter 1 that opened my eyes for the first time in my 50 years following Christ, the manner in which we are sanctified from the inside out. It also includes many currently maligned, but completely accurate of the structure God intended for families and society as a whole.
He’s also a great follow on Twitter.
Highly recommended. Bless you, James!

Bill Spain III

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