Matthew A.

Operation Heal America

Operation: A military operation is the coordinated military actions of a state, or a non-state actor, in response to a developing situation. These actions are designed as a military plan to resolve the situation in the state or actor’s favor. Therefore A Spiritual operation is the coordinated actions of a believer united with the body of Christ, in response to a developing situation in the world. Operation Heal America, is a Spiritual Operation, to spread the Gospel, and fulfill The Great Commission.
I enjoyed reading about Soul Patrol and how a group of young boys would receive Salvation in Jesus Christ later that night. How one boy would have his life changed by the Spiritual backup from our beloved friend, brother, and author of Operation Heal America. Overall great read if your interested in a step by step plan to free the prisoners of spiritual warfare, heal the sick, freeing many from the 2nd death, which is eternal life in hell. Giving in its place, life in Christ Jesus, and through Christ life abundant! To eternal life with him in his heavenly abode. – Matthew A.